Quilts for Uvalde - A Fundraiser

Quilts for Uvalde - A Fundraiser

It's been said that quilts are fabric wrapped hugs, and I wanted to send every quilt I own to the grieving families of the Uvalde victims this morning. With a heavy heart, I started wondering what I could do to help. Quilts are nice but what they really need are the resources to get grief counseling, bury their children and take time off from work to process their loss.

I decided that the best way to contribute, besides consistently voting, is to use what I've got to help raise money for the victim's families. I have LOTS of quilts for sale and they are ready to ship. Some of them were samples for a quilt pattern, others were personal projects that haven't found their forever home yet.



When you buy a quilt during this fundraiser, you get a fabric wrapped hug and the Uvalde families get the help they need.

One hundred percent of the proceeds of ALL quilt purchases thru the end of May will be donated to the verified fundraiser of your choice from here . 

After you've made your purchase I will contact you to ask which fundraiser you would like the money to be contributed to, and if you would like to have the donation made in your name or anonymously. You will receive a copy of the donation receipt, as well. 

If you are a quilter and don't need more quilts, you can still help by spreading the word, sharing this email with friends and family. 

Take care of each other, 

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